About Me

About Me

About Me

That’s probably a good place to start, right? Well, I’m 24, female, married, depressed, working full time in a supermarket, trying to write a book, recently diagnosed with autism…

Well when I put it like that it doesn’t sound like much at all.

So let’s try this again: I’m 24 and married to the love of my life. We live in our own (ok, rented) house with the cutest dog that ever existed (he’s called Sherlock Bones!). Despite my depression, which suffered from since at LEAST my mid-teens, I’m managing to hold down a full-time job in difficult circumstances.

I’m making serious progress on my book which I’ve been wanting to write for years (I have no doubt I’ll write a looooong post on that someday), and recently I’ve figured out why I’ve struggled with social interactions, among other things, my entire life.

My official diagnosis is “Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)” but I will use Autism because it’s shorter. When I’m referring to me personally, I will likely use Asperger’s and Autism interchangeably – if I had been referred to a doctor a few years earlier I likely would have been given Asperger’s as a diagnosis.

Why the Blog?

It all started when I got an appointment for an autism assessment. I’d been doing my research for weeks, and run across so many wonderful blogs that I wanted to start one as well. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to blog about yet, so I suspect a lot of it will be me sharing other people’s posts and my thoughts on the topic. I’ll find my way eventually.

Why “Yinin“?

It’s nothing to do with – as one friend suggested once – the whole Yin/Yang idea I’m afraid. That would make too much sense.

When I was a kid, and far less imaginative than I am now, my screen name was “Ynnej“. From that you might guess that my real name is Jenny.

You would be correct.

I have this habit of pronouncing words phonetically until otherwise corrected. So it always kind of annoyed me when I pronounced “Ynnej” as “Yin-arge” rather than “Yin-edge“. “Yin-edge“, I was sure, was the correct way to pronounce my screen name. I just couldn’t make it stick.

After a few years I changed my screen name to “Yinage” to fix the spelling/pronouncing problem. It still didn’t have an R in, but by then I was a few years older and resigned to the fact that spelling and pronunciation don’t always match.

A few years after that, I started getting into games like Skyrim, and I usually played as an Elf. So, in order to make my name sound a little more Elvish: Yinin.


There’s one more version as well – when my S.O. plays online, his name is King Argaroth. So if we’re playing together I tend to be Queen Yinin to match.

But you can just call me “your majesty” 😛