Month: September 2017

Mixed Messages

I definitely got this a lot as a kid. I suspect a lot of people still think this of me as an adult, but they're too polite to say it now! It's unintentional, but something in my manner gave/gives people this impression...

Sherlock Bones – Fur Baby

Sherlock Bones – Fur Baby

I've mentioned in passing about my dog before. He's currently trying to stand on my chest as I write this, with some success. I'm also too tired to write a real post tonight, so have some puppy pics instead ❤ We brought him home as a young pup, the size of our foot (if that) … Continue reading Sherlock Bones – Fur Baby

But… you’re so strong

Pensive Aspie

“You’re so strong. You’ll get through this.”

I can’t count the number of times I have hard that. For the most part, I guess I am strong. I have my life together and I am emotionally stable. I am the rock that my friends lean on when they need help. I can see why people think I am “so strong.”

But sometimes, life happens.
It knocks the wind out of you and all the air is sucked out of the room.
You’re left feeling shaken, hurt, and unsteady. It’s hard to breathe.
It may even be hard to get out of bed.
When that happens, even “strong” people need help getting back up.
Unfortunately, instead of help, we’re often met with platitudes:

“It just takes time.”
“You’ll get through this.”
“You’re so strong.”

I am sure the people who say these things really believe they are helping. They see it…

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