Letter to my doctor

My doctor is helping me apply for funding for the cost of my therapy, and she's asked me to write in my own words about why I need therapy. This is what I've written.


Adult diagnosis feels: self-doubt

Autistic and Cheerful

NOTE: Although I have titled this series “Adult diagnosis feels”, I much prefer the term “identified” to “diagnosed”. This is because “diagnosed” is a medical term and I do not believe autism to be a medical problem. I’ve simply used it in the title because more people understand what it means, but I will use the terms “identified” and “identification” in the main text.

It’s not easy going through life knowing you are different but being told you are just like everyone else (subtext: and they all get along just fine, so why can’t you?).

So after years of believing that they were right, I was just like everyone else and it was purely a character flaw that I couldn’t get my shit together, I was finally told that HOLY SHIT, there is actually a reason why I am the way I am.

At first I felt totally relieved (after…

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