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The post I'm trying to write is turning into a bit of a beast, sorry. SAD is also kicking my ass - the weather is pretty scary in England right now...


#450: How to tighten up your game at work when you’re depressed.

Captain Awkward

From The Neverending Story, Atreyu tries to pull Artax out of the swamp. “Artax, how many times do I have to remind you that the TPS reports get put in the BLUE binders? Not the green binders. A little focus next time, please.”

Hey, Captain and Co.

I spent the past two years of my life being really depressed (and, honestly, who knows how long before that — I was only diagnosed last year, but I’ve felt pretty awful for as long as I can remember), and, through some supportive parents and medication and an awesome partner and therapy, I’ve been slowly climbing up out of it.

A year ago I was in university, but I was too depressed and dropped out. Then I spent a few months focusing on getting to a place where I could function again. Last summer, I was part of a program designed to get me back in the working world, but that fell through when I had…

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