Why I’m a curmudgeon… and why I’m happy :)

Tonight’s post comes in two halves!

Why I’m a curmudgeon

Firstly, I feel like curmudgeon is not a word that gets used nearly enough. But as to why that label applies to me right now, it’s because of the two things I hate: football and sunshine.

Now, ironically, just as I write this post it looks like both those things might be becoming a little less relevant for a while. We lost the big game and are no longer in the running to win the world cup, and the heatwave Britain was suffering from seems to have broken a little. Juuuuuust in time for our theatre group’s annual BBQ this weekend, the country is predicted thunderstorms and lightning.

As if that will stop us – I remember one particularly memorable BBQ in which, whilst rain poured and thunder crashed overhead, we played a game where one person had to run, jump onto a bouncy castle, bounce up, and catch a frisbee a second person threw.

It was amazing.

I’ve talked before about my distaste for football, and I’ve mentioned my dislike of the sun in passing. A lot of autistic people quote florescent lights as being particularly difficult for their sensory issues, preferring natural light, but I personally find bright natural light to be just as problematic. I can’t deal with it. Even what most people would call overcast days can still be bright for sometimes.

Also, I get heatstroke, sunstroke, and sunburn a LOT. Like, stand too close a window, a lot. I’m still wearing a jacket even in this heat because I can’t risk exposing my delicate milk-coloured flesh to the elements. It’s a particularly light and cool jacket, but still.

Of course, depending on where you’re from, you might not have been aware of Britain’s heatwave. Or you might find our idea of a heatwave laughable. I know some places in America regularly top of heatwaves as a matter of course. Google is telling me that our “heatwave” is 28oC, or a little over 80oF if you’re American, and there are cities in America that regularly top 90oF (roughly 32oC).

I much, much, prefer thunderstorms. I find them exciting, like the air is full of energy 🙂

And as for the football… I can’t. I just can’t. I hid in my room whilst my husband and his mate watched it downstairs. I’m glad it’s over.

But of course pretty much everyone else in the UK is enjoying these things, so… curmudgeon.

Why I’m happy

Things have been going really well for the past fortnight or so. I know last week’s post was still a little down, but I’d had a hectic week and I was left feeling a bit dazed. Also I tend to write these posts a few days in advance where possible, my buffer a thing of distant memory. Things are much better now.

What happened originally – about two weeks ago, now – was that one person went on holiday at work, and one person very suddenly called in sick. Obviously the holiday was planned and we thought we had enough staff to manage. Boy, did we not. In one fell swoop, the two main people who knew how to do all the higher level transactions and basically run a branch were taken out of the equation.

It was sink or swim time.

And I freaking swam!! I’d been in training to do a lot of these higher level transactions, but I’d literally just started, I saw them over someone’s shoulder once the week before, and the only other colleague in that first day who had any idea… had last done it all eight years ago. That was our staff for the day. We had three other people in, which helped a little, but none of them were even slightly cashier trained, let alone higher-level-transaction changed.

There was so much stuff I only knew by chance, or my colleagues only half remembered from years ago. For example, you need to tell the computer when you take money from the safe, or it won’t let you do transactions with that money. Or, another example, the closing procedure for a branch.

In the week and a half they were both off I managed to get about 2/3 months of training done. They’ve come back and they keep going to do task X or whatever, and I’m just like “already done it :)”. I mean, there are still gaps in my knowledge, obviously, but everyone is saying how well I’m doing. I even got named colleague of the month!

That on it’s own would be enough. But there’s more!

One of my ongoing shames has always been the washing up and the laundry. For literal years we have been putting stuff onto the piles as fast as we take it off, and I cannot make any headway. The last few times we’ve moved house we’ve taken boxes of dirty laundry and washing up with us.

But no longer! I got to the end of the washing up! And I’m almost at the end of the laundry too, hopefully before the end of August we’ll have that done! Actually, I have to admit the hot weather has helped with that one as stuff has been drying in a day. The laundry might have a set back after our holiday in late July – more on that another time.

So that’s good too! But there’s more!

I did some social events on my own! Unpredictable, unfamiliar social events with more than 5/6 people without Jack’s help!

Firstly I went along to social night at the theatre without Jack. Only for an hour, but the club room gets pretty crowded, anywhere from 20 to 50 people.

Secondly I went, with a smaller group, to a completely unknown environment to me without Jack. We went to nature spot to watch the sunset. The plan completely changed twice that evening; once about ten minutes before we went, as people couldn’t come, then again about halfway through the evening when they could come after all and suddenly turned up with an undiscussed entourage.

So that was pretty good…. but there’s one thing more!!!


Whilst my colleague was off sick I got inspiration for two mini events to do at work. One week is fraud awareness week, so I’m some postcard sized mini posters with fraud tips and scam stories on, we’ll stick them about the branch for customers to read.

And in the week leading up to Manchester Pride I’m going to hang some rainbow bunting around the branch, and I’ve done some similar postcard sized mini posters with various pride flags on. I’m nervous about it to be honest, our town can be kinda traditional sometimes. There’s one explaining the colours of the rainbow flag, there’s a bisexual one and a pansexual one of course, there’s a nonbinary one, there’s a trans one, there’s an asexual one, a lesbian one, and one explaining the Kinsey Scale. Oh, and there’s one saying that our company will marching in the Manchester parade.

Speaking of which… I’m also signed up to march in the Manchester parade under my company’s banner. Am I insane?! 😛

I’ve bought some things to try alleviate the sensory issues from last year – mainly earplugs, though I will also be using sunglasses. I’ve also bought a bisexual flag/cape that I’m hoping I can use to cover my shoulders and replicate the safe feeling jackets give me. And I’m hoping that the parade itself isn’t quite as shoulder-to-shoulder as the crowds were.

I don’t know where all this energy has come from but I’m making use of it whilst I can.

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