Footie Match Sensory Issues

I got to go to a football match recently. Well I say “got to”. I don’t really like football, but I don’t see my aunt and cousins very often.

I’ve always been scared of going to a football match. It’s the crowds in particular I don’t like – I don’t like any crowds, but there’s something unique about the crowds at football matches. They have a unique mob mentality that is just… terrifying. Football match violence is pretty well documented, if on the decline, but even without actually being violent they just give off a violent aura. Hundreds (thousands) of people screaming in union… it just puts me in mind of witch burnings or something (as if I actually know what those were like…) I don’t feel safe around those crowds.

I don’t even like it when people watch football at home. Even three or four people – usually but not exclusively men – shouting suddenly together is too much for me.

I think part of the problem is that, as I have no interest in or understanding of the rules of football, I can’t spot the cues for when the shouting is about to happen. The goal is a fairly obvious one, but even if  I do manage to spot that it’s hard to get my hands over my ears in time. Other than that – tackles, near misses, fouls, whatever – I can’t spot what’s cheer-worthy and what’s not, so I’m constantly on edge, waiting for the next time everyone will decide to scream.

Luckily, luckily, this match was much smaller than they thought it would be, with hardly any crowd, so I flipped up my hood, put on some sunglasses, and plugged in my ipod. However I struggled with everything I expected to struggle with. People shouting or cheering suddenly at cues I cant spot. The whistle blowing suddenly. The thud of feet hitting the ball, or the ball hitting the fence. And, in the quiet moments, the boredom of being at an event I have no interest in.

I think going to the football match was a mistake, but luckily a minor one 😛 It pretty much confirmed that I can’t go to a bigger one though, much to my other half’s disappointment.

Seeing as this is a relatively short post today, I’m dual-posting it with another Rimworld post!

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