Nature or Nurture: My Autistic Skills

I hadn’t thought of it this way before….

Autism and Expectations

I’ve always thought of myself as a natural problem-solver. Give me the information and I can sort through it quickly, find the important bits, and come up with a plan. It’s one of my skills.

Sometimes it drives my husband up the wall. He will have been doing something for ages, I walk in, look at all the parts, put them together in every way imaginable, and a second after seeing it all for the first time say, “Why are you doing it like that? Just put that bit in there.”

He is often surprised by how much I can think in a small space of time. When he turns to me and says, “What’re you thinking?” It’s rarely a short answer. A long train of thought triggered by a bird flying past the window, and culminating in the evolution of the backbone, with every logical step for every tangent…

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