A few good days

A few good days

Side note: In order to build up a buffer, I’m writing posts several weeks in advance right now. This post will be at least a month old when it goes live. 

A few good days…. a few really good days in fact. I don’t get to feel this wildly, over-the-top happy very often, so I’m trying to enjoy it whilst it lasts, especially since my mental health has been in the gutter lately.

A few good things happened to trigger this:


Firstly – I’m going to Pride! Actually, the day this post goes  live, I should be AT Pride. I’m so excited! I’ve never been before – I think once as a kid I saw the family-friendly section, but it was many years ago so I don’t remember it well. I’ve definitely never been as ME, a bisexual woman. It’s exciting. It’s terrifying. There’s a good chance I’m going to have to travel to and wander around Manchester alone – a city I don’t know well and is crowded even on non-festival days. I’m hoping I can persuade someone to come at least for the first day but I might have to be brave…


Secondly, after months of trying, I got two jobs interviews! Well, both are dates tbc… but progress nonetheless. Both are better than my current job. One is only better by a technicality – much shorter,  cheaper commute, and the pay is better but only because of increased hours, but the hours are irregular and the hourly pay is bad and there’s not much progression…. but it’s still better than my current job. The second job is better all round – really short commute, much better pay, much better regular hours and good progression opportunites. The first job offered an interview but decided they didn’thave enough applicants and reopened the advert fora few weeks. The second job had a telephone interview with someone at a central office and has passed my CV onto the local branch I applied for. Here’s hoping I get one of them!


A rare few really good days 🙂

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