The Cost of a Cure for Autism

This is something I’ve wondered about a lot since my diagnosis. I haven’t figured out an answer yet…

Autism and Expectations

I’ve asked myself if I would want a cure for my autism if it wasn’t mythical (the cure, not the autism). I’m a logical type, I’m not bound to any one part of me; if you told me I could replace my feet with wheels, I’d definitely weigh up the pros and cons (stairs would be a pain, but I’d really like whizzing along, a lot would come down to just how good the suspension would be), thinking things through is what I do.

To decide whether getting rid of my autism would be good or not, I’d first have to define which bits of me are the autism, and what would replace them. How could I begin to quantify that?

Some of my greatest joys, my purest moments of happiness, are found in the patterns I see all around me. In the way a butterfly flutters, or a wall…

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