A Lack Of Support Pt 2

A Lack Of Support Pt 2

Side note: In order to build up a buffer, I’m writing posts several weeks in advance right now. This post will be at least a month old when it goes live. When I’m into the habit of writing and posting more regularly, I might get rid of the buffer and write stuff that posts immediately.

This is just a rant about some (more) difficulties I’ve run into lately. Related post: A Lack Of Support

So I’ve had some therapy before – not much, just the on-and-off stuff NHS can offer to someone who was then undiagnosed with anything. A bit with a school counsellor. A bit of CBT. It didn’t seem to work long term.

Part of why I got diagnosed was to try have greater access to therapy without being slapped with an official, Clinical Depression label.

Oh, how naive I was.

The service that diagnosed me is two hours travel from my home, by train, because I still can’t drive. They could probably offer me ongoing therapy, but – two hours?! 

I found a place close to home (by half an hour) and got my GP to refer me there.

Four weeks later I have heard nothing, so I call them up and it turns out I am out of their area. They weren’t going to call or anything, or send a letter. I had to call to find out that I would never hear from them.

I hadn’t been able to find any NHS services closer to home.

In the end I’ve been forced to call one of the services I’ve used before. I’m hoping to be able to get talking therapy rather than CBT this time. The problem is, I’ve called them before and they don’t have anyone who officially had experience with Autistic spectrum patients. Some of their people might have had experience with Autistic patients before, but on a different service, or that wasn’t a big factor nthier treatment…

So in a few weeks I have a telephone interview to help them decide how best to treat me. I’m on a waiting list to get on a waiting list – again.

I don’t know what to do. I’m extremely depressed, stressed, intensely suicidal, self-harming most weeks, and I just feel like I’m getting no help.

Epilogue: In the time it took for this post to filter through the buffer, I had that phonecall. I’m now on a TWENTY FOUR week waiting list for counselling that will only be six to twelve weeks long. Basically I have to track down a private counsellor and try to persuade the NHS to pay for it after the fact (but it has to be someone I can afford, in case they won’t!). I have managed to find someone I’m willing to try, but my schedule is that hectic this month that we won’t start together until September.

4 thoughts on “A Lack Of Support Pt 2

  1. I’m so, so sorry you’re going through this, my friend! I’ve been there, and very recently. I just want you to know one thing: You Matter!! I’m always here for you–ALWAYS; just hit that Contact button on either of my blogs, *any time* 😘❤️❤️👍🏼💞

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    1. Thank you hun ❤ I have been making some small progress on getting help but its not much better since I wrote this. Essentially I have to find the help myself first, and try to persuade the NHS to pay for it afterwards, but I'm looking for a fairly niche area of therapist.


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