Quotes from a sleeping mind

Quotes from a sleeping mind

Me and my other half sleep talk. A lot. Here are some of our favourites.


Me: The bees…

OH: What?

Me: The bees…

OH: What about them?

Me: Crawling under your skin…

OH: What?!?!

Me: *sleepy chuckle* You’ll see… You’ll see…


“Everything is too sour”


“It’s the end of the world again” (said in a very annoyed voice)


One time my OH woke me up and started insisting his ankle was broken. I said it wasn’t, but he was having none of it. So I searched for a torch, shone on it his foot and was all “look… no swelling. you’re fine.”

Unfortunately in the time it took me to find a torch he fell asleep again. So from his point of view I woke him to shine a torch at his foot and tell him its fine.


“Quick, hide the drug money”


OH: *grabs my boob* *bad italian accent* thatsa spicya meatball


Me: taktakgurtititnahopaoapfjgpd-hidethetissuepaper-frekphosjIFbajgsnfgh-withthewindowopen- fhdjskrkyghkkdps-tokeepthedogfromkilling-fjsjwem. you know?

(apparently I wasn’t just mumbling, I was fully speaking in tongues)

OH: I have no idea what you just said.

Me: (sighs loudly) it’s what we need to do when the dogs carrying his knife

OH: (laughter) what the fuck are you saying?

Me:(annoyed noise) I can’t words right. you know what I’m saying though.


Do you guys sleep talk? Share some of your own stories in the comments!


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