Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation

Do you believe in dream interpretation? That our subconscious mind leaves messages for us to work out?

Because I had this one dream… I swear, I swear there was a hidden messages for me, I just can’t work out what it was.

I was at work – or a dream interpretation of work, anyway, not a realistic copy – and there was some early faff with a theft and my co-conspirators getting caught and me being dragged into the dream-bosses office to be accused of theft…

…but the scene that really stood out to me, that made me think there might be a subtle hidden message, was when dream-boss sat me down at dream-work and said “you just don’t seem happy here”








I just can’t figure out what this subtle message is 😛


Edit: the day this went live, I had another interesting dream. It was your standard “It’s the day of the performance but I don’t know how to play [instrument]!” dream (my dream insisted it was a flute but, looking back at my mental images, I don’t think my subconcious knows what a flute looks like). The interesting part was that it wasn’t a traditional performance – it was a livestream on YouTube.

Even our dreams have to keep up with the times, it seems.

Oh, and i was Tom Hiddleston, dressed as Loki wearing a baseball cap. They thought the outfit would attract more viewers.


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