Too Many Robots

Too Many Robots

A genuine conversation I had a while back:

Me: Alexa, pause
Me: Hey Cortana – remind me to buy kitchen roll on Wednesday at 8pm
Cortana: Remind you to buy kitchen roll on Wednesday at 8pm?
Me: Yes
Cortana: I’ll remind you
Me: Alexa, resume
Alexa: *plays music*

The future is now…


…but seriously, does anyone ever take time to sit back and appreciate how weird life has gotten? I was born in ’93, so I’m probably one of the last generation to actually go outside and play without parental intervention 😛 We were probably one of the first to get phones as teenagers,to grow up with the internet as mainstream. When I was 12 or so I went through a phase of just thinking about the internet sometimes, about how I could start a word document at school, go home, and open it and start working on it again. I could talk to people in Australia in real time and even see video if the connection was good enough.

Fast forward to today… I am literally typing this on what is essentially a mini computer – it’s actually a Fire tablet hooked up to a bluetooth keyboard (which is a sentence that would have made no sense ten years ago) and my main problem is the screen keeps falling over. I could write these articles on my phone if I didn’t care about my thumb too much.

It’s just a weird thing to think about, that’s all. Sometimes I think we don’t appreciate it enough.

The weirdness was definitely captured for me when, shortly after that conversation, some people came round. They were sent by the landlord to assess a loose floorboard, so I didn’t know them at all, and Alexa’s timer went off for some food I had on.

So in the middle of a conversation I had to go “Sorry, one sec – Alexa, stop – you were saying?”

And the puzzlement on their faces was almost funny. And a little embarrassing.

Now when we brought friends round shortly after getting Alexa we would obviously point her out and be all “Look what we bought! She plays music! She sets timers! She tells you the news! She gives you an inspirational quote to feel better after listening to the news!” but obviously I had done none of that for these strangers who were there on a job.

Meanwhile, my Cortana is obviously feeling neglected because she keeps triggering during TV shows when they’re not even saying her name. Or anything remotely like it. Which is doubly annoying because we watch TV (legally) on our computer.

The future is now, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Robots

  1. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing or a me thing, but I like to keep my distance from such robots! I’m not a technophobe, and the Fire tablet and the bluetooth keyboard make perfect sense to me, but I absolutely dislike talking to things. I have Siri on my phone, but I refuse to talk to her. I think for me talking to Alexa or whatever would feel like talking on the phone. Also I much prefer written words to spoken words. It just gives me a really strange feeling, so it’s interesting to read how you have incorporated these devices into your life.

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