A ray of sunshine

A ray of sunshine

Side note: In order to build up a buffer, I’m writing posts several weeks in advance right now. This post will be at least a month old when it goes live. When I’m into the habit of writing and posting more regularly, I might get rid of the buffer and write stuff that posts immediately.

Cautiously optimistic.

That’s the best way to sum up my feelings right now.

I still follow my logic from before – I still agree with the things my depression was saying to me – I’m just no longer filled with the immediate irresistible urge to follow them through to their conclusion and act on it.

I went to the doctors and asked for help today.

It was difficult convincing her to refer me to a autistic counsellor. She didn’t seem to understand why I didn’t want regular counselling (you know, the stuff I’ve already tried). But hopefully this will work better. I’m waiting on a letter or phone call now, however long that will take.

If only the damn place wasn’t an hour and a half away.


Random parting fun fact:

Creme Puff was a cat who died aged 38 years and 3 days. The same owner had another cat, Granpa, who was claimed to have died aged 34 years and 2 months. The co-authors of at least one book have pondered whether the longevity of Perry’s cats may have had something to do with an unusual diet concluding that Perry “must be doing something right.”



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