Special Interest of the week – The Lottery

Special Interest of the week – The Lottery

Side note: In order to build up a buffer, I’m writing posts several weeks in advance right now. This post will be at least a month old when it goes live. When I’m into the habit of writing and posting more regularly, I might get rid of the buffer and write stuff that posts immediately.

It’s well known that Autistic people get intensely fixated on narrow subjects – so called “special interests”. 

They range from the unique and niche (visiting every outback in America was one I read about) to the ordinary (my personal one is the book I’m trying to write).

It’s similar to having a hobby but the difference is in the degree of the intensity. There are days when I literally cannot think about anything else. Nothing else exists, I don’t want to talk about anything else, and I no time for anyone who wants to talk about something else or otherwise distract me fro my thoughts.

So what do I do on those days? 

Well if I can act on it (i.e. write) I do. If not, I shut up, retreat into my own head, and think in peace whilst doing some mindless task with my hands. 

Often special interests are transitory, they come and go. Often people have 2 or 3 special interests at once. Personally, writing has stayed with me for years, although the level of enthusiasm waxes and wanes over time according to my mood.

Any other special interest is usually temporary. 

I’m bringing it up because I was using this… feature? habit? quirk?… of my brain to try beat depression today. If I’m fixating and obsessing I won’t be depressed! (Mostly true – I had my wobbles but I didn’t cry at least)

I didn’t fixate on my writing today though.

I fixated on winning the euromillions.

Not likely to happen, I know. As I write this, the numbers are waiting to be checked. As much as I try to believe in the power of positive thinking, no good thoughts are going to change those odds.

I just like to plan how I’m going to spend it. 

I’m not good at maths, but I like to sort of “doodle” with it, working out arbitary sums in my head and deciding who gets how much of my money. 

I liked working out that if we divided £60mill pounds into £10,000 pm increments it would last 500 years. 

I liked working out that to keep mine and my S.O. families all on £30,000 pa “income” for 80 years it would cost just under £22mill for nine people (2 sets of parents and a total of five siblings)

I liked working out that setting aside “only” £10,000 per month for 80 years for us would be just under £10mill pounds

The maths is arbitary. I sort of know we’re not going to win (but it could be…) (it has to be someone, might as well be us) (quite frankly after this last month the universe owes me) but I like doing the maths.

It made me laugh to realise that when I say “only” £10,000 per month that’s actually £120,000 pa… when right now we’re having a good year if we earn £24,000 altogether

It made me laught to realise that even after I’d accounted for us… and for our immediate family… and even set aside an amount for extended blood relations… there was £13 mill left “unspent”

In the end this was what I worked out:

– for some reason I budgeted £10 million for partying, charity, clearing all our immediate families debts, loans, student loans, credit cards, etc, and buying everyone a house. Upon reflection it hopefully take a few years to actually spend the entire ten million but whatever numbers aren’t real at this level anyway.


– put aside £10 million for me and jack. This is our nest egg. It will give us £10,000 a month (£120,000 pa) for 80 years, and given our diets we probably won’t make it 80 years. We currently live on just under £2,000 a month (£24,000 pa) so that’ll keep us happy, even if it wont keep us in a mansion.


– put aside £44 million for our immediate family. This will keep our combined four parents and five siblings on £60,000 pa for 80 years. That’s definitely not mansion money but they could live off that without getting a job if they felt like it. Especially once you remember we bought them all a house two bullet points ago so they don’t even need to pay rent or mortages, just bills (unless they want a bigger house in a few years)

– put aside £3 million for various extended family. Any Uncle or Aunt by blood, any first cousin by blood, or any grandparent will get a one-off payment fo £50,000. I’m not sure how many aunts, uncles and cousins I have (my family is, uh… fertile) but £3 million will cover 60 people. Should be enough. Anyone over 25 will get it straight off, anyone younger will have it put aside for them, to be used for higher education, buying property, or some other similar long term investment. This is slight hypocritical as I’m only 24 but whatever. Buy your own lottery ticket 😛

– the jackpot on Tuesday is £81 million. There is £13 million left. Spread it around, I guess? As I said, we wouldn’t have spent all the first £10 million yet, so we don’t need it yet. Invest it. Put it in as many baskets as possible. This is our backup nest egg. Try put it somewhere not immediately reachable so we can’t just go buy every house we see.

I guess I better go check my numbers then. The problem is, once I check my numbers, I’ll know for certain I didn’t win and I can’t have this dream anymore. 

I could always buy a ticket for next week?

Needless to say – if I win, this post won’t make it to publish 😛


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