A Lack Of Support

A Lack Of Support

Side note: In order to build up a buffer, I’m writing posts several weeks in advance right now. This post will be at least a month old when it goes live. When I’m into the habit of writing and posting more regularly, I might get rid of the buffer and write stuff that posts immediately.

This is just a rant about some difficulties I’ve run into lately. 

I’m struggling with work – really struggling. I’m working 35+ hr over four days a week, but my commute is an hour and a half EACH WAY. That adds up to about 50 hours a week. 

I’m exhausted. Anyone would be exhausted with that schedule, and once you add Depression fatigue and Autistic Burnout and I am dead on my feet almost every day. 

I’m trying to find work closer to home, of course I am. For some reason, despite the fact that I work in Retail – the most generic job of all – I cannot find work closer to home. 

I need to reduce my hours. I need to go part time. I am not coping.

So I went to Citizen’s Advice (UK, remember) and asked what support I would get if I went part-time. 

Short answer: None. 

I have an Autism Diagnosis. Getting a Clinical Depression Diagnosis is only a formality. I am not coping. And yet all they could say was if I quite work altogether, then waited a few months (support is backdated), I **might** be eligible for something.

So I guess I’ll just keep working until I have a total breakdown.


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