Links I Like

Links I Like

This is a list of links I like, favourite blogs I follow, and sites I’ve found useful.

I’ll update it and make it longer when I can
No list of links would be complete without the Autism Spectrum Quotient! It’s not intended to be a diagnostic test but it seems to be fairly reliable. Here’s the Wikipedia Page if you want more information about the test.
The Mighty is a website full of articles and personal accounts on a range of topics and conditions. Anyone can submit an article to them, and there’s sure to be an article or two that’ll catch your eye.
Cracked has covered Autism a few times, both on their own and as part of other articles. It’s a good website. Obviously you can’t use it for scientific papers or anything, but it does a lot of personal accounts about a variety of conditions/careers/situations in very accessible language.
Autism Womens Network is always a useful site to have on your radar, as is the National Autistic Society.
Life With T and Growing Up Aspie are two tumblr accounts that post comics about Aspergers/Autism.

Active Blogs:

Inactive (but still loved) Blogs:


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